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Fees for your listing make it difficult for you to get started, which is why we finance ourselves exclusively through a 10% commission on actually booked event services.


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    The MICE Portal is a software company that brings together the worlds of suppliers and corporate customers with the digital event booking platform, offering an innovative interface. We take care of the "perfect match" and broker custom-fit business!  

    Each specific MICE portal client is recognizable by its colors, CI and corporate logo.  

    By simplifying the purchasing, ordering and billing process, the MICE Portal contributes to the digitalization of the event business in many companies.  

    Through our online booking platform, we give event providers the opportunity to present themselves free of charge, to benefit from our numerous options and to be requested & booked by our customers in just a few clicks - all free of charge!  

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    Currently, MICE Portal GmbH operates 28 customers specifically and, with the "Public MICE Marketplace", a total of 6,000 B2B users* use the MICE Portal monthly to place their various events on it. So profit from our business and get your big piece of the pie! Win new customers and increase your reach and sales! 

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    About 76% of our inquiries concern event services for up to 25 people, as well as smaller conferences and meetings that actually fit in every conference hotel / conference location. With our high booking volume, the remaining 24% of our conference requests also play a major role, such as location bookings, framework programs, team experiences and events with up to 1,000 participants. Event-specific purchasing in particular has grown very dramatically in the last three years. 

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    We provide each provider with their own account free of charge. The display of your photos and properties is also unlimited and free of charge. MICE Portal only charges a commission of 10% on booked services if the reservation contract is legally concluded and the event has taken place. 

    The terms of use of MICE Portal GmbH apply.  

    Use and experience the MICE Portal as a new distribution & sales channel, get to know new company users and your event business for free!   

    Here's how it works -- Three steps to more MICE business:   

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    ● Design your MICE account attractively, with lots of pictures and show what you have to offer!  
    ● Respond to your MICE Portal inquiries quickly and competently!  

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